Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Mission - WRITE ON THE WALL

RISE ABOVE IT ... So, I am take n this online e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts and boy is it going to be a lot of work ... but not to worry I am somewhat up to the challenge. Learning lately that I have some pretty deep rooted commitment issues that have been around for quite some time. Toward the end of our first lesson Ms Rae invited us to declare our commitment to our creative biz in some shape, form or fashion, so here is mine.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Studio HEATS up

 It has gotten so hot so fast, I thought you might need a studio snow reminder. 

The heat of early summer seams to agree with me and mine. Look N forward to photographing a very sweet infant boy this week & on Sunday I will start an e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts. Designed a promo piece for my portrait photography biz & set up a collection of photos on my new flickr site. Inspired Studios, the micro magazine has five verbal agreements. Thinking of getting an assistant or intern for some much needed help.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little ranch GREEN?

The flood of the century, took down a few trees & is this little ranch going green or is Sonya just cheap? Got this recipe for Vinegar as a Poison Ivy killer & I'm about to boil up, we have so much around the little ranch (poison ivy), you would think we were close to the interstate. So, I'm thinking if I get it out there early enough, you know before it heats up, it should really kill it. While killing the poison ivy, I want my new geraniums, I got for 50% off at Wally World to bloom and bloom big, so I got an Epsom salt recipe from this garden tonic book. So if you see me buying generic beer, you'll know why. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Ranch News Wk19

We at this little ranch, have given up the idea of little maple trees grace n our gutters as design for the common good. Lots and lots of work to be done here  b4 the real heat of summer arrives. We did not win the K-mart Design a Patio give away, so we are (me) gearing up to do it ourselves, but first we must tile the shower stall. Write to win a Good Housekeeping Tester paint party, if your home needs a little spring refreshment. Stay tune maybe this little ranch will get done after all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shed 2 Studio

It is even hard for me 2 believe that this little building was once a shed, yes a shed. Now this shed has red walls, internet and a fax machine. This was the orig. layout but of course when we got doors with windows, that had to change too, you know so I could look out. If your dream n of a place for you to do what you do ... go 4 it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Almost Summer Studio News


  Flip the page of Inspired Studios Spring notes to see the logo for my company Eastwind Productions. This Logo was designed five or six years ago, by me & my dear friend Leslie. 
The deadline for a chance to win $1000 in the 3rd Annual Design a Reusable Shopping Bag  for the Kroger Company is close & the sketch pad in my mind is plum empty. What is a girl to do? 
Working, working, working on the new magazine, Inspired Studios. Got some wonderful tips from a new friend Rachel on Friday & Alease recommended Issuu an online newsstand for publishing on Sunday. I have decided to use WIX  for my portrait photography site. Only eight child free work days left till Back 2 School ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 Mother's Day

Someone around the little Ranch worked very hard to find Momma this old Iron hook, it must have taken hours and hours of dig n ... from one with serious dig n skills ... and how did she know it was Mother's Day, how did she know how much I luv iron, rust ... let alone Iron & Rust together. Thank You Eddy, sorry this is no BONE.

little RANCH news

Think n bout getting back to the bathroom remolding project, it was halted due to the busted HOT water pipe =  flooded CRAWL space = NO hot water = call to the insurance folks = clean up and dry out via men crawl n the crawl space, which somehow, I don't know HOW  =  busted waste pipe = more cleaning drying & NO WATER = 15 plus no water days = stinky children = 1 unhappy mom  =  & resulted in a SUPERsized water bill ... Then the real flood came with water that only HE can turn on and OFF ... life is good and there is always MORE ... expect more, if your breathing. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dress I never wore

One of my favorite dresses is way too small for little ole me! Here's wishing n for nothing. I can just see me with all the little bells ring n and ring n. Look n forward to Anna's spread in one of the summer issues of Country Living Magazine. It's Church night so that means my children cook 4 themselves (mac & cheese
and hotdogs). Raw greens for me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Studio News

Had a face 2 face with a FB friend and fellow blogger to put the final touches on a door hanger 4 Vacation Bible School at our Church. I have learned so much from this fellow MOm is such a short time. One side of our flyer is n spanish and the other side is in English. The studio clean up is yet to be finished, but I'm still work n on it and am happy with the process thus far. I am feel n more protected and more open these days. I will be start n Kelly Rae Roberts e-course Flying Lessons this month and offer n a FREE Design News Newsletter via Blog Subscription this wk.

Entered Kmarts's Tell us why you deserve the Perfect Patio Makeover contest, a 200 word or less SA was required ... mine had 198 words. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wish N

Just posted a vintage photo of my Mom for The Original Icon Contest. I call this photo Eloquent Eula.
On Sunday I will honor my Mother Eula by applying RED lip color. I will honor my Grandma Lula by wear n Dark Sunglasses indoors and I will honor my Grandma Lillian by prance n around n a dress.

This photo was taken n France - 1965 by my Dad the photographer and as Mom would say an enlisted man.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

B4 Mother's Day like clockwork

The peonies around the little ranch are just beautiful, and I just had to share 1 dappled n the flood water with you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Tale of a Bookshelf

A little spring clean n around the little ranch has inspired me to clean the little studio as well, it all started with a can of black porch paint from Wally World. It was my hope that this black paint would not show dirt like the turquoise paint ... boy, was I wrong. So, today I turned my attention to the bookshelves. I covered the back of the bookshelves with this black and white oil cloth, I discovered at Hancocks, after spy n it in A is for apron.
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