Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dayle of Curlie Girlie Art shares the story of Her Quilt Block for Kelly Rae Roberts.
An attribute I’ve known I possessed since 5th grade is patience.  Our class was assigned a very simple map project; we had to color and cut out all the US states and glue them to a poster board – sounds easy right?  I proudly colored all my states – making sure that any of them connecting were not the same color, cut out all my states and began gluing.  I started with Washington State and worked my way east.  Sure enough when I reached the northeast states…they were all falling off the board. I had miss judged just how big the US was.  So I had to pull off all the states and start over.  This process repeated itself 3 times before I was able to fit all my states onto that poster board.  My poor tattered map of the USA; it looked pretty rough. I thought for sure by the looks of this project I would not be getting an A.

Then came a childhood moment I will never forget; my tattered and poor looking poster board was returned with a BIG FAT A+!  My teacher later came up to me and told me she was so proud of my project – she said “You know what you showed me with this project?  You showed me that you had determination and patience.”  I thought and thought about what she said to me and all the self doubt and shame I had over this project was washed away and all I felt was pride.
This is the same sort of pride I felt recently after working on a quilt square for a Baby Quilt my fellow Flying Lesson classmates are putting together for Kelly Rea Roberts.  When this project was announced by Sonya I knew right away I wanted to be a part of this.  I wanted to help celebrate the wonderful blessing that is soon coming Kelly’s way.  I wanted to be a part of this big thank you to Kelly for helping bring inspiration into my life in so many ways.  
Now I wanted to be a part of making this quilt square even though…. I have never made a quilt square in my life and I have had a sewing machine in my home for 2 years that I have never touched!  Crazy, right?
I collected materials and pulled out my sewing machine manual.  I was determined to tackle this fear of mine.  Three frustrated days later I had threaded the machine and ruined about 8 squares of material.  I stepped back assessed and realized I needed to work with my current abilities.  I decided to hand sew this block.  I calmed down and pulled out my grandmas sewing box and began sewing.  It ended up being a peaceful and very enjoyable process.  So call it patience, determination or as my husband would say my stubbornness – my quilt square was complete.  I picked the materials with care, added little hearts in tribute to Kelly and sewed this little square with love.  As I stared at this finished square all the shame I had over this project and the frustration of not being able to tackle that sewing machine was washed away and all I felt was pride.
“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.”  Saint Francis de Sales French saint & bishop of Geneva (1567 - 1622) 
So my creative friends – I know we all run into obstacles within this creative journey we are taking. 
Don’t ever lose your courage; you might just surprise yourself!

Dayle Micoff – Curlie Girlie Art

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The source of Abundance

Add to Cart

Monday night I had one of those Elizabeth Gilbert moments as I spun myself around from yet another glimpse into the silver box with two doors that breaths constant cool air. With my children off to a mini retreat, I found myself with time on my hands. Elizabeth's video was stuck on repeat in my head. During my blog surfing time, I marked Tara Gentile's abundance post to read for later. Later, much later, after finally reading Tara's post, I happen upon an abundance post of  Dave Navarro. I love these go hard blog guys and Dave gets straight to the point. Most men don't write about embracing this & that, they write about breaking cycles and old habits.  Now, I'm starting to wonder if  I'm missing something or not. Everything I tried to do or not to do pointed to abundance or the complete lack of abundance. With my children away, I had no other choice, but to pay close attention and I did until, I found myself back at my laptop, doing my blog stalker thing when I found Kelly's post and to my utter surprise it was on ... yes, you guest it abundance. This brought me to my knees and I prayed for abundance. Knowing for sometime now that GOD had supplied all of our needs, each and every one. I knew their was but one thing left to do. The work. Not long after praying, this idea of this article struck me like a flying plastic ball and this time I caught it. This is one creative piece, you just have to read it and I can't wait until you do. Please buy it, it's a new spin on an old favorite. Love is a verb.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Notes of Faith N the Garden - Confident

Well it's almost August again. Well it's almost time for most children to go back to school. Well that old apple tree is full of red and green apples again. Well that crape myrtle is back to sprinkling soft hot pink confetti all over the yard again. Well, well, well ... is there a pattern here, do I here a rhythm or a beat. I have experienced some heart changing events over the last few days which have blessed my spirit in a unique and special way. For such a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me, mainly because everyone I knew told me so ... you're too sensitive ... too emotional ... you love too deeply. Now that my children are older ... they watch for the swelling of the nose before the flood of tears, when someone or something touches my heart. There it is again the abundance of tears, tears for the children who know hunger as a friend. I've been weeping for them for so many years and now thur the most amazing power of the Holy Spirit, I may have some answers for my tears. What have I said yes to, I don't really know, but the list goes something like this. Build a website for a church in Africa ... Create a photo book - Kenya Water Ministry and I met this woman earlier this year. I'm saying yes to Africa. Cape Town or Kenya. Yes, to the tears of yesterday. No to the fears of today. Yes, I'm emotional, yes, I love deeply, yes, I'm too sensitive. Yes, I can CRY you a river. For some time now, I've know ... without one single doubt ... there ain't nothing wrong with me and my tears. Humbly Confident

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaning N 2 the Whispers ... A Thank U Post

Thank You  Valerie ... I love all of your women friends on your Etsy site. On this day I was doing church via You Tube in search of encouragement, even after being there much of yesterday, I still found myself needing more, so much more and then YOU step in with this dedication and post. Just what I needed ... what a beautiful blessing you are and Thank you again for opening your heart and mind to ’Malika Loves Her Voice’ she's so much more than a song because her lips are firmly clinched, she's just old enough to know words can destroy, yet still young enough to encourage change at home and in her local community. The blue/teal background color is the same color of my studio floor! Kind of like the color of the Jamaican ocean, this color represents MORE, cause their always more ocean than shore. Yes! those big brown eyes are intense … she ain't laughing and she ain't singing in the dark. Your intuition is right on about this creative open eyed spirit, cause unlike our well know starlets of today, and even some of our profile pictures (including mine) Malika's hair is up in a pony tail ... cause most creative’s have little time for hair but wait I see, a lot of movement there & this movement is freedom. We are all super special folks and what a time we live in the right now when we can connect by this little thing called the Internet. Thankful.
Valerie UrSObeautiful2me

Friday, July 23, 2010

Me & My Dream Quilts

Years ago I had a Dream I dreamed of a fundraising project that would define and bond a community   as they stepped into a difficult leg of a journey of hope & faith. A journey which would take ten years, some would step to see our Lord during this journey and some would step up to Jesus.
     I dreamed of a quilt project, a fundraising project, A quilt of Common threads, threads everywhere, yet so common, we fail to recognize them, the threads of a screw which holds many things in place, from your car door to the thread on the toothpaste cap. The thread count of the bed-sheet implies how long it may or may not last. The higher the thread count the higher the price tag.
     A quilt of blind stitches, a blind stitch is hidden, obscure, from view, but a stitch indeed. Usually a blind stitch is a finishing stitch, one used on the hem of a pant leg or the binding of a blanket or quilt. Transparent to the human eye. Without the Blind stitches the frayed edges of the garment would be exposed to daily wear and tear.

Common Threads & Blind Stitches the Quilt

At the beginning of Kelly Rae Roberts Flying class I began to dream. Yes, I dreamed of a quilt again, this time ... a quilt pieced together, separate diverse blocks that became one block (the quilt) as our class did in the spring & summer of 2010. 

Bond & Respond 

While I was dreaming up this quilt project I read Anna's blog and found she too was working on a quilt project of her own, so I thought WHY NOT and here we are. This week Anna introduced Isabela's Argle Quilt Block Template and ETSY shares Anna's story. After only scanning the Etsy story, I quickly made a big mind boo, boo and compared myself and my dreams to these two women. Remember , Kelly warned us about this and I am happy to say I am in the process of recycling those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I have one of my many dream assignments (2 create a global quilt) 4 Kelly (our teacher who inspires), that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Find the quilting instructions here.  Will U help? 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharpen My tools 2day

Got got my graphic design tool kit out the box today and did just a bit of sharpening. Tool of choice =  QuarkXpress version 8. I designed this little mini magazine (a real page turner) and Published it with a web based publisher Issuu. All in one day baby. Yes, It's a digital revolution, and I'm in are you. 

Working ON Graphic Design Projects

It's Wednesday and I'm not getting as much done as I would like to, The GD machine is down again and it houses some software and files, that I simply must have or I'll have to start one of these little projects from scratch. Folks have addictions of all kinds, some are safe and some are not so safe. My addiction is information, I luv to read. Do You?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Tempting Tuesday - Corn on the Cob

Summer time = summer fun = summer food. Oops , there's the problem. I ain't no body's cook but I have the desire to learn how to prepare, cook & grill, some tasty healthy food for my family and friends. Lately I've been inspired to do more, more of everything and that includes cooking & grilling. Grilling is somewhat harder to come by then cooking on the stove, since in one tangent moment of mine, I turned our charcoal grill into a planter. I wanted to try the Spicy corn on the Cob recipe from the August issue of Country Living Magazine but the spices they listed, I have not, I don't even know what they are. So, for now ... we are gonna go with the old school boiling method. Tell me what seasonal foods are you grubbing on this summer?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Barn Hunting

Old barns cause my heart to wonder and go click & thump. I love them. Whenever, I see one that interest me. I pray to GOD to give me the opportunity to snap a quick pick before it's destroyed by modern man. As a single Mother, the resources are not always available for summer family vacations and we sometime have to get real creative around here to come up with some cheap on the run fun. Last summer I came up with a camping like adventure (without the tent) that I termed Barn Hunting and my children love it as did I. The summer is not over and I'm still praying that GOD will allow me to take my children to see the ocean. This week I'll be packing the kids off to Beech Bend for some water fun and Dolly Wood for a back to School Retreat. How are you and yours going to spend the Last Days of Summer?

Bond & Respond --- Quilting Countdown

Truth be told ... I have some sheroes & two of them are online. I just finished a five week e-course with one - Kelly Rae Roberts & the other (Anna) I am hopeN to sew a skirt with later this year - Anna Marie Horner.  Anna is the mother of six children, three boys and three girls, her youngest son was born just last year. Now this K-rae girl is close to the same age as Anna & is expecting her first child this year. I've follow these two women via there blogs for years and they have been a source of constant inspiration for me, they invited me into their lives, homes and hearts via their blogs.
With her photos and words Anna reminded me how to be the Mom I never dreamt to be & Kelly encouraged me to be FREE to be me ... so I started dreaming, how cool, how great it would be for Kelly to hold a quilt (instructions) for her baby boy inspired by Another creative Super star Mom Anna ... SO WE begin on an uncharted course again .... where no man has gone before. The sewing of the quilt top will start on August 10th. hurry and get your quilt block in the mail, time is running out. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Sunday

It's a super HOT Sunday evening in the middle of July, the bugs are at it, lawnmowers are at it and I am sitting at my computer, in my little studio without air conditioning. Thankful. I'm sweating so much, Thankful, that my neck sticks together, if I lean it a little to much to the right. Thankful. I stalked a neighbor's pickup truck for an old rusty table yesterday and he gave it to me today. Thankful. I was thinking today, about what an awesome time we live in, right NOW, today and how an economic downturn gives us reason to hope for an economic upturn, Thankful, but I'm wondering if our current economic situation were to turn around tomorrow at noon, would I be prepared? My children and some of your children will return to class (school) in less than three weeks. Thankful, and I am not prepared for Back to School. I am not enjoying this heat but I love the feel of sunshine. Thankful, and I am more thankful today for all our many blessings. I am also, thankful to HIM for allowing men to document the sheer beauty of what we may later call The Best of Times. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for this heat when reminded of snow. I just added this digital image to my shop and I'll be adding more images daily. Thankful.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee Tea Time

Yes, It's tea time for me in Tennessee. I have lots of new Facebook friends and one I noticed  jLow creates the most wonderful tea spoons. Just the thought of a special teaspoon for tea time, helped me to slow the pace a bit today, to enjoy more moments of the sounds of water as I worked. Had to get an early start,  there's so much to do. Celebrated my son's birthday yesterday and my daughter's last week. We still have two big events to attend, before we can start to wind this summer thing down. Ragweed season has begun and it ain't fun. I've been busy reading Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Class Journal and Confessions Of a First Timer written by Khristian A. Howell. Both journals are beautifully written, chucked full of inspiration, and resources. Now, that I've read em both ... and experience the purchasing process, I'm busy authoring a series of my own. How are you winding down summer 2010?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rock the Ranch renovations ... The list

It's the little ranch my parents always dreamed of ... three bedrooms and one 1/2 baths. A den/kitchen (with a fireplace) combination  ... which I luv. I can hang with my children while still learning to master the art of cooking. The renovations started with the removal of seven layers of wallpaper, & carpet the same age of me. It all started  the winter of 2005. Yes, it's summer of 2010 and we're still not done. Inspired by John & Sherry's ranch porch, I'm praying & hoping to pump up the volume on this project later this summer. Here's the short list of HOPEFUL renovations projects ...

1. Bathroom 1
2. Bathroom 2
3. Kitchen Cab/counter top
4. Install barn door between Kitchen/LR
5. Refinish Hardwood floors
6. Add carport
7. Convert garage
8. Remove tree from driveway

And so much more. Are you slowing the pace or pumping up the volume around the homestead?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The effort of 1 multiplied by the power of 10

Once again at the last minute, no second ... I ask to be included in Miss Vic's Blogger Mash UP, after all it started on my birthday, so why not ... did I get in ... YES, I did. I didn't even know what the theme was, I didn't care what the theme was ... I only knew, I wanted this very badly. Vic Smith is a full time blogger, photographer, design type of a gal. Yes, she is a go2 source for all things related to design, Etsy, vintage and more, so much more. Averaging 3-4 new posts a day, sfgirlbybay is a hostess to 10 – 12,000+ daily readers. Did you get that, daily readers. With that many readers one can create new words and she did. What's the word (blog-it-forward). This is an interactive post and yes, there is going 2 be a test.

1. Navigate to Google
2. In the search bar ... Type the words ... blog-it-forward
3. Directly under the search bar ... NOTE the number for the search results
4. STOP here & think ... long & hard ... if you have to.

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 ... only Type the word ... Oprah

How she did create such awesome search results (physically) I don't know, but I luv & appreciate the power of numbers. So, I'm gonna run down the numbers for you to calculate later. 

1. 300+ bloggers
2. 10 blog post per day
3. 32 days

With these kinda of numbers, anything is possible, ALL from a twitter post & a BLOG.

Are you blogging?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accepting Submissions

Inspired Studios Magazine is more than photos of studios & the artist behind them. We dig deeper 2 the dream story of that creative place in your heart or that Aha moment of inspiration.  We are accepting submissions of creatives as contributors. Inspired Studios Magazines will publish the print editions on Magcloud. Thinking of E-Junkie, Scribd & BC to distribute the PDF versions. Inspired Studios domain was purchased in May & is under construction ... It's gonna be a digital page turner ... follow me as I try and keep up with little ole me. Send an e-mail 2, subject line INSPIRED for more information. Publishing Sept 1, 2010

Notes of Faith N the Garden - Dirt

Are you the DIRT? Some folks plant the seed. Some folks are the seed. Some folks add water. Then other folks are just plain DIRT. Are you the dirt.

dirt holds the seed in tight like a tight mid-summer blanket ... but the dirt must be transparent - to allow the seed to see just enough sunlight to hunger & want for more.

If you find yourself being just plain dirt in someones garden, remember what dirt does, dirt transports collected nutrients, to the seed and.............. Read more of my thoughts on DIRT N the garden in next Wednesday's edition of sonyamacdesigns.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mission Monday quilt news

Well it's Mission Monday again & I have some AWESOME news about our global quilt project for baby Roberts. One of my classmates from the O so famous Kelly Rae Roberts e-course has committed to binding & quilting our top. She is a quilting jewel and more. In my mailbox (postal) today, I got some junk mail, some bills, and our 1st quilt block, I have cataloged it and I am ready & waiting for more! This quilt block (photo below) was designed, constructed and mailed with love & care by Mary-Michael Hanbury. The workmanship is on point ... it is just absolutely beautiful! You still have time to Bond & Respond to Kelly Rae Roberts generosity with us. Yes, we are prepared to make it a two sided quilt if necessary. All quilt blocks must be received by August 9, 2010. I will keep you posted as to the status of our project here.  Find instructions here. Happy ...  FlyN

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 year journey 2 me

Where does your creativity come from? Is creativity like a light switch, you can turn on and off ? If that's the case, then you could  leave your creativity on for hours and hours, even days, if need be. A famous quote of Gustave Faubert suggest a sense of order in ones life gives way for explosive and original work. Yet another famous quote points to chaos in ones souls as the connection to the switch. The title of designer was once the source of all my career ambitions ... I enrolled in a local prestigious Art School and later a community college ... seeking ... looking ... searching ... spending ... to get a piece of paper that stated in some form of legal jargon, that I was creative.
   Employed as many types of designers, I located my switch, I found it, yes I have it ! I possessed my title of designer and I knew exactly what button to push to get the flow of creative juices turned on. This is what I learned to call what I was, what I had become, I had turned into a type of creative robot or better yet my little spill was ... COD, yes I was a COD (CREATIVE ON DEMAND) and I could do it in production mode, by the flip of a switch, for a paycheck, no less, I could, would and did create. In robot mode, I slowly, quietly and completely created a super big wall to ME so I could be a creative for a living. And, what did that mean for the rest of me ... Check back next Thursday ... same bat channel ... same bat time ... and learn more about the creative process as I share more & more of my story of the  2 year journey 2 me.


"Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.” 
Gustave Flaubert

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The beauty of change .............................. A Note of faith N the Garden

As I write this, I am reminded of that old saying ... Everything changes & nothing remains the same. This is the big birthday month for our family, I love to celebrate on the day of the event, cause in my mind ... that's your birthday or better yet your date of birth. Photographed standing under this very large wisteria vine are my children, four years ago. The flood of the century humbled the vine, we call the beast and the presence of my children in my life has humbled me. Lillian's birthday is tomorrow the 8th day of July & Elijah's birthday is Friday July 16th. What seems to be the loss of this grand wisteria vine has caused me to weep and then pause at the sheer beauty of change. Our Tennessee weather has somewhat of a reputation, you have to have a real flexible attitude to live here, because here change is the constant, so much till we, around these parts, are know to say  " If you don't like this weather today, just wait a day or to and it will change" .... when you know this, breath this, feel this ... change is constant ... yes things, people, times are going to change ... have faith in this and when your faith begins to falter, look to the garden the garden of life & inhale change ... like a breath of fresh air ... change ... Do you weep @ the thought of change like a willow or reach for the light of change like a sunflower?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspired Studios Magazine Cover - REVEALED

 This is it ... this is my dream ...
Publication Date has change to September 1, 2010

Hottest summer in 57 years

Since we are experiencing an extremely hot summer ... I thought it might be time for a Temperature Cool down with one of my chilly winter photographs. Record temperatures were recorded across the entire state & it is the hottest summer in 57 years in Nashville & Memphis.

Monday, July 5, 2010

This 1 is 4 you

Hey, just thought I would share something from my design files ... this year I have been workN on a series of prints in different mediums that present HIS word the same ... but different. If this print speaks to you & you would like to have one of your very own (11 X 8.5) simply sign up to follow my blog & send me an e-mail with your mailing address with the words FREE PRINT in the subject line and I will postal you one right away.

Mission: 2 Create a Quilt ............................ Inspired by Anna 4 Kelly

Truth be told ... I have some sheroes & two of them are online. I just finished a five week e-course with one - Kelly Rae Roberts & the other (Anna) I am hopeN to sew a skirt with later this year - Anna Marie Horner.  Anna is the mother of six children, three boys and three girls, her youngest son was born just last year. Now this K-rae girl is close to the same age as Anna & is expecting her first child this year. I've follow these two women via there blogs for years and they have been a source of constant inspiration for me, they invited me into their lives, homes and hearts via their blogs.
With her photos and words Anna reminded me how to be the Mom I never dreamt to be & Kelly encouraged me to be FREE to be me ... so I started dreaming, how cool, how great it would be for Kelly to hold a quilt (instructions) for her baby boy inspired by Another creative Super star Mom Anna ... SO WE begin on an uncharted course again .... where no man has gone b4 ... to be cont.

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