Monday, August 30, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Pat

Hand painted on cotton fabric and blessed with the wisdom of a celebrated marriage and four children. Frogs and snails was created by Pat.Don't you just love it?

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Kim

One of my favorite color combinations, green and purple. I just love the applique and the back of this quilt block is pretty as well. Now I'm in love with a green birdie ... Thanks Kim.

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Ellie

So super cute, created by Ellie Jacques Capon, the texture of this quilt block is off the chain and it's got me wanting to eat carrots and hang out in the grass.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MJ-a tree, not unlike U & Me ; Notes of Faith N the Garden

When a tree or bush does not respond to continual pruning, It simply must be cut down and dug out of the garden. This is the ultimate responsibility of the gardener; observing, keeping watch, having full knowledge of when and how to prune. As a beginning gardener and certificate holder of The Masters Gardener program of the state of Tennessee; I approached pruning seriously and tearfully because I love trees, &  I respect, understand  their natural ability to bless us. So, yes I cried with my first cut and with each cut afterward, I cried a little less, but the pain remained the same. I cut, when I didn’t want to cut for the sake of the original garden plan. I cut, I dug out, I pulled up and I threw out all, that was not pleasing to my eye and all that had worked their way in to the original garden design plan.

At the south west corner of our little garden sit’s a well designed garden bed, anchored by a weeping cherry tree, which is flanked by two smaller bushes, at the foundation of this bed flows a sea of old Tennessee Irises, which bloom each spring. Good design is created by the use of odd numbers and this bed is a fine example of that. The weeping cherry tree constantly needs pruning and I find myself, there often with shears in gloved hands, ready to snip, snip, snip.

In this fine bed, stands a tall, lankly, leafless tree, who is constantly trying to steal the light for himself, so that he might stand taller, so he might stand stronger, so that he might one day grow some leaves and so, that everyone would see him and only him. Awe, he had been pruned back, a time or two before, but each time, he discovered a new way to grab the light and hold the light. He dared to use his light to point to his earthly Father, nor his heavenly Father and this should have given us reason to pause. But as the dirt we held him in the garden, we watered him and we fed him super miracle grow, daily. Then one day as our FATHER was checking out HIS garden, HE decided to prune no more, it was time for this little tree to be cut down and dug out … as this tree, was once an oak seedling, designed and created to be a huge oak tree, but the wind blew one day and the little seedling was not prepared for the sweet breeze, that carried him to a little island bed, on a corner lot and he planted himself there, never becoming the giant oak for HIM … he was meant to be. This tree, had more than one name, this tree has many names, one name is Elvis, one name is Michael, one name is Jimi. There is only one king and his name is JESUS. Now that, Jimi, Elvis and Michael are gone … seek the TRUTH, seek Jesus … cause your king ain’t no rock star.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Many stories bound as one

We all hold so many secrets, so many secrets, so close to our hearts ... we hold em in there and coddle em like new born babies and then when the spill comes, we let it lose on the world or our family and friends, like a great named waterfall ... and then sometimes the tears, just won't come ... cause there's much work to do, a magazine to build, or a stack of canvas to paint, or a quilt to sew. This quilt, will represent so many stories, so many triumphs, defeats and victories and so many fears. I've been super tearful at the sewing machine lately ... my sewing adventures, began at birth ... then my sewing adventures ended with the death of my sweet, sewing Mother ... she's been gone more than twelves years and each year, I'm able to sew a little more and I feel one big sewing celebration coming on and yes, I am so blessed to gather, knowing my someday is on it's way, my someday when I can buy five yards of fabric and not cry ... Maybe I'll even sew on a SUNDAY.

Secrets of the travelN quilt blocks - Veronica

This quilt block of Ronnie's is simply amazing, as it is her, bright and bubbly ... It will add much color to this quilt, just as she does to the world and our Facebook community ... Kelly is just going to be blown away, by this awesome gift.

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Linda T

Wow, I don't know where to start or where to end. There are so many trained graphic designers among us (FLY Friends) and Linda is one of them and she has a passion for the spirit of the cloth. "The red fabric was snow-dyed this past year" Linda. Another beauty ... Thanks Linda

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Louise Gale

I'm in total love with this quilt block and I've yet to lay my eager little hands on it. Louise Gale of The Creative Color Challenge, was kind enough to e-mail me this photo in advance of it getting here for coffee, before it's moved around with all the others, like a big soft puzzle pieces, so the light and the darks, can begin to create some contrast and the different weights of the fabrics create some balance. I just can't wait to pull em all together and see how much they compliment one another, like an old couple, married longer than they've been apart. Kinda, like in those first few class sessions, when we all had so many questions and we soon discovered, we all had the very same question and you knew, if you didn't get a chance to ask Kelly, someone else would. In case you haven't heard, Kelly's First e-class student are making a quilt for the soon Mother to be. The reponce has been wonderful and I'm sure we will be mailing her an awesome quilt. While we are waiting for the others to arrive, you may still have time to jump in ... speed stitching and or painting a quilt block.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. President ... CHANGE is here ... A NEW Economy & Kelly Rae

Dear Mr. President, Thank You for inspiring us to CHANGE. Dear Mr. President, although, we are not all aware; CHANGE is here. Dear Mr President, I'm an artist & I'm about to paint you a portrait of CHANGE with my words. Dear Mr President, this is a modern, yet somewhat traditional portrait of one woman, an expectant mother. Dear Mr President, this one woman, created one effort and this effort, I described as A NEW ECONOMY. Dear Mr President A New Economy is the title of this portrait. A New Economy looks like this, soon to be mother, living within crazy limits one day in hope of living without limits the next. A New Economy looks like the effort of one woman, with child, on the porch of her soon to be renovated home hosting her first e-class to more than seven hundred students. A New Economy looks like the effort of one woman living in unexpected, transitional housing, breathing in an average of 291 comments & questions from her students over a period of five summer weeks. A New Economy looks like the effort of one woman to simply stay awake to accommodate  her students from around the globe. A New Economy looks like the flexibly of one woman to alter her class plans based on the needs of her students, cause life happens. A New Economy looks like one woman fully realizing the opportunity, such needs present. A New Economy looks like one woman employing another woman to create an instructional, class e-book & offer it to the class, at a more than reasonable price. A New Economy looks like one woman surrendering, creations, to give em time to simmer, time to cook down, like a Tennessee pot of greens. And, then surrendering, the same creations, to the squirrels, the birds, the bugs, to gather, eat and store the nuts, seeds & sweet berries for winter. A New Economy looks like one woman's ability to say YES WE CAN, when a NO would have been O' so easy. Then, Mr President A New Economy looks like this same woman, repurposing this very same content as an e-book for a mere $140 dollars and as if that were not enough, this very same woman instinctively creates, a mini series of e-books, for those of us, use to smaller portions. And, hold on NOW ...  just when you thought she was done, Mr President ... A New Economy looks like this very, expectant woman, wife, daughter, homemaker, and artist, creating an Affiliate Program to pay those of us who help sell her product via the WWW. Dear Mr President, this woman's name is Kelly Rae Roberts, she was my on-line teacher of Flying lessons; this past summer. And, finally Mr. President;  A New Economy looks like me, a single mother of two, living within crazy limits today in hopes of living without limits tomorrow. Are YOU thankful N the hope of a brand NEW DAY?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Nancy B from TN

Y'all, this quilt block is from right here in Tennessee! Nancy of fancibags created it from a 1950's child's hankie & her note stated "the little bird reminds me of the one Kelly uses in her paintings" If  you are inspired by all of this, there is still time to get your creation to me. Find all the instructions here, Feel free to e-mail me with any questions and or concerns.  Amazed n HIS grace. 

Sonya La

Friday, August 20, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Jill

Each quilt block, I receive is so uniquely different. Each one holds untold secrets, that only the creator of the block knows, Each one has arrived with a special note or two, just for Kelly Rae Roberts & family ... I've prayed that our Father would multiply this stack of quilt blocks as only HE can & I will be faithful to wait expecting more, because with HIM there is always more. Jill rocked it out with this little baby bird.

Sneak Peak Friday

It's been a rough week, I don't have many words ...

but, I promised Jennifer at StudioJRU, to participate in Sneak Peak Friday

I've found myself on this side of the studio way, way too much this week .....

I'm still waitN on HIM 2 reveal 2 me, how 2 proceed with 180 of these ...

I'm behind on this Kenya Water Relief Book, some Mission friends from my Church ...
 have been N service to this Masai Tribe for several years ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monica - Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks

Yesterday, I teased as to the origin of this well constructed, beautiful quilt block. Traditional with a modern twist, is how I would describe it. Monica rocked it out with this one. Find out more about this 
Bond & Respond quilt project below. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions and or concerns.
My e-mail address is sonyamacdesigns(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Yesterday, I teased as to the orgin of this well constructed, beautiful quilt block. Traditional with a modern twist, is how I would describe it. Monica rocked it out with this one.

it is a NEW DAY

Monday, August 16, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks- Stephanie

This Kelly Rae Roberts quilt block is hand painted on canvas with acrylics by Stephanie. Y'all she rocked out, it is just beautiful & I feel so blessed to gather.

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks- Monica

Wonder what this package holds ... wonder from whence it came ... how did it travel, by land, air, sea or all three. I wonder as I wonder ... Monica's secret to be revealed tomorrow. Same time ... same station.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A FlyN Friends Quilt

a good WORK

I keep this picture of me beside my bed, in a gold star picture frame. She is last person, I want to see before I fall asleep. I keep her there to remind myself that I too was once innocent & Being confident of this very thing, that HE which hath begun a good work in ME will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. It is my hope and prayer to be humbly confident in HIM. What about YOU? Are you confident in the good work in which HE begun in you? My photography, art and design works are available for sale (digital) in my shop.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Image 2 fabric N 4 easy steps

Yesterday, while cleaning the studio, I came across this image I created way back when, eons ago. I've always loved photography, especially black and white photography and while enrolled in a graphic design program, I began to take a few photography courses and I soon discovered the art of photo emulsion transfer from slide photography. This was my first one and I loved it, but my design teacher did not and she was sweet to let me know her thoughts.

The Bond & Respond quilt project for Kelly Rae Roberts has picked up momentum as I continue to reach out to each class member by email, Twitter or Facebook. I even found a class member, right here in my Tennessee town. But my heart is heavy for the many artist from the class who may feel like, they are unable to participate due to the sewing scope of the project. With my creative friends in mind. I have created 4 Easy Steps 2 Transfer an Image to fabric. Feel free to download it, from here. Oh, you can find Information on the quilt project here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks- Megan

I don't know how she did it! It feels like we just chatted the other day. I received Megan's quilt block via the regular postal service today. It is so sweet, I love the frog, and the bird. I am so super excited about this quilt. While attempting to e-mail everyone on the class list last week, I found some FlyN Friends, who knew nothing of the project. There are so many who are not active in our FB FlyN Community. I really, really want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved, if they want to. With that said, the deadline for the Bond & Respond Quilt project for Kelly Rae Roberts has been extended. In this Tennessee heat, I'll be stalking the postman for quilt blocks from Monica, Jenna, Nancy, Paula, Debbie, Julie & Jill ... to name a few! Would you like to add your block to the quilt? Find instructions here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks

Yesterday I received the most beautiful quilt block from Seanora Lopes. This block traveled to Tennessee from the East Coast. There were four people at the front door to greet the postman. I ripped open the package and there I found a white & navy quilt block, the white fabric is iridescent and the navy fabric contained a moon. Seanora included a sweet, sweet note for Kelly Rae Roberts.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 2 gather

Inspired by an e-mail from Suzanna Leigh, I began to create this note ... I am super excited about the FlyN Friends quilt blocks traveling from many homes to my home in TENNESSEE (US) for coffee, then as one they will fly (fed-X) to Marianne's RuffHaven for Dinner & late night dancing & more coffee, then on to Kelly's new house, they will go, ... to be savored like dessert .... I am but the gatherer.

the ROCK

At home, in my kitchen, on a breakfast bar, made from a dresser, topped with painted plywood, on a happy mosaic square, there you will find a little reminder rock, that Jesus is the ROCK.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working it out

When I think about how angry I was, when I first found out; my children were set to be bused, across town, just like all the others, right pass brand new schools, oh man did I do a complete Sonya Show out, lights, action, cameras, the works ... then came the Sonya Settle down & an open mind and heart. I decided in my heart, it did not matter if the School Board cared little, it did not matter if the county cared little. I knew HE cared and that was more than enough. 

We are active members in our neighborhood Church, we can get there by foot, if need be and come to find out, many of our Church youth attend this school, my children are being bused to!

Then, on Monday, I met the principle. His name is Bob Horn. He is from my home town. We attended High School together. This is no coincidence, this is how HE is always working N what seams to be the background of our lives. What are you angry about, that HE has already worked out?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why I've Never been Married & my age

I'm 47 and I've Never been Married; cause I'm an ALL or NOTHING kind of a gal. With this in mind the deadline for this Bond & Respond Quilt project has been extended 4 more time 2 have more FUN. I want to Thank every single FlyN Friend on Facebook for your patience with me on this journey. Yep, I need your help to get the word out, so every one who wants to will have a chance to contribute. For the not sewers of the group, please consider a fabric print! Maybe, if you do jewelry only, consider printing your Logo or a photo of yourself to be included on the quilt. When printing your work on fabric, contain it to  8X8 square and mount it on a 12X12 fabric square and send it. Get creative with it, consider fabric glue or iron it on. This printer fabric can be found at places like Jo Ann's, Hobby Lobby's and that Mike place. While you guys are creating, I will be stalking the class list, reaching out to everyone that has e-mail, FB or Twitter.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A secret revealed!

Did you know that dragons are symbolic of creative power and wisdom? I sure didn’t, not until I received a hand painted quilt block from Suzanna Leigh. Suzanna’s quilt block is gorgeous , it contains a silk hand painted inset of a baby dragon, painted with permanent fabric paint. Wow!

Lat week; as we traveled to our annual family reunion by car; I began to consider the many routes each family must travel to arrive at one destination, and one appointed time. I began to consider the preparation for travel and the choice of transportation. I began to consider the gathering of children from moments of play to meet and great cousins, they only see once or twice a year.

Then; my thoughts settled on this Bond & Respond Quilt project and the many turns a quilt block must travel before it arrives at its final destination. Each quilt block starts on this journey the same way; as an idea, a single though of participation. And, each quilt block has a story to share. I want to read, each and every story. I want to see each and every block. I want Kelly to be able to wrap herself or her new baby in our love and thanks.

Ironically, the deadline is August 9th, the same day my children go back to school. I secretly want to ask Anna to design the quilt I am to sew, but I need sixty two more blocks. Will you create one? Will you send one? If you have any questions and or concerns, e-mail me @ or sonyamacdesigns

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