Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thanks 2 everyone!

Although the Bond & Respond Quilt project is not yet complete, you can find pictures of the completed quilt on Marriane's Blog. As promised all the precious unopened cards and letters will be forwarded to Kelly, as well as that special book I mentioned months ago. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank everyone who sent a block to me here in Tennessee and to all the wonderfull supporters of this project from Kelly's first e-class. Twenty FlyN Friends sent a quilt block of their own design, one sent two and then me, for a total of Twenty four blocks, from the U.S. including four from other countries. I stalked my Postman for months, collecting all the blocks, created the quilt top and sent it via overnight mail to Marriane, where she added a bit of flair while binding and quilting. The story of this global quilt for True and family has just begun ...... A BIG, giant Thanks to the following (in no particular order)  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A creative calling

Hey, I’ve been meaning to create another FREE information product for ya! You can download many of them at my Scribd Page.

1. With regards to your Creative Business, what FREE product would

you LOVE for me to create *just* for you?

2. What is your biggest fear or frustration when it comes to

your Creative Business?

3. What’s your ideal *perfect* outcome when you start to create?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decor8 Calendar Round-up

Holly of Decor8 has started her annual Calendar Round-up and you can see some fine examples of her favorites over at her blog of course. As a single Mother and daughter of the King, this journey to inspire you is often an isolated one and I am extremely Thankful to Holly for her willingness to share her creative audio voice via mp3's in her BTW course. The course for this year is just about over, but I(as a student) am able to download the mp3' to my desktop or Ipod (if I had one) and listen to her encouragement/advise over and over again, as I sew, cook or whatever ... I just picture her talking directly to me.   

Here is my desk calendar, that I submitted to Holly's round-up. You can find the link to it, right here in my sidebar or at MagCloud. There is still time for you to create one, if you like. I posted a template to my over at my Scribd page.  I don't know, if mine will make it into The Calendar Round-up or not, since I procrastinated, pretty pictures I did not get in. Either way, I'll mark my calendar for next year. Are you taking notes for the new year?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I AM one

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” - Helen Keller

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A greater purpose

The tornado of 1998 changed me in a single moment and moved me in the direction of now. The Great Floods of the century, have changed us all, this year. My little studio was flooded, our yard was flooded and our beast of a wisteria vine was flooded to the point it lost it's arbor, but yet it continues to bloom.

But what I think really changes us is generosity, yes simple and plain generosity. Now, when that generosity floods in, from humanity, then generosity is the point of IMPACT. That's what I felt, while a student in Kelly Rae Roberts first e-class, this past summer. That's what I felt, when I heard about Anna's Project. That's what inspired me to begin to dream about this quilt for Kelly & family. How can U IMPACT someone with some simple generosity today?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Know thy self

This week, the gals over at spring are talking creativity again, their spin, this week is on making creativity a habit. So here's my spin on ...

I have yet to make creativity a habit. But, I am in the mist of working on that right now. Today marked the 8th day of me working in my morning pages journal, a companion of the Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I just finished reading The War of Art by Steven Pressman (I grabbed the $1.99 PDF) and I find his theory of Resistance to be on point, such an easy read. As Julia states in her book, I am no longer who I was …, but I am not yet who I am to be. This girl in transition. And, transitions are difficult, cause we have to allow ourselves permission to lean in to multiple directions, to find the one that is best suited for us, yet at the same time we must continue to be open to new opportunities in creativity. When we’re not there yet, we must be patient all the while continuing to explore. Making creativity a habit is a very broad subject, and lately I’ve come to realize, that there are multiple physical habits that must be in place first, such as bed making and some sort of physical exercise. Creative habits and some sort of physical fitness program go hand in hand. My choice of physical activity is running and running on a regular basis. I’ve started and stopped and stopped again. But, I know in my heart, that once I achieve some physical focus, then the mental focus will fall into place. In the meantime, I’ll keep leaning, sharing and reading in the direction of my dreams, knowing that the creative habit is as close as a chair.

the confidence an OPEN DOOR births

It all appeared to be completely random, but I’m a believer and I know, like I know today is Monday, that ain’t nothing random. Not one thing in our life is random, yes, we make choices. We choose to step to the right or to the left, it is within that choice that our destiny begins to unfold. And so it begins. A visit to the doctors office with a close family friend. My almost obsessive desire to read, every single magazine, in any doctors office, that has fallen into the grace of my company. Due to my prior life of reading every single magazine in any given doctors office visit, so I could decide which one I was going to steal. Yes, a little serial single copy magazine thief was I. This is my trash. This is me exposing my trash to you. I just opened the super black bag and now, even you can peep in. So, while fiercely reading an not so ancient article in Southern Living, my curiosity is peaked about Lowe’s and Rosenwald Schools. The article had a photography spin to it. The article stated just how many schools are left in the south. My interest is yet peaked again. So there I am in the doctor’s office, ripping out (so as not to steal) the entire article from this not so ancient issue of Southern Living. Article safely in the O so little purse, I am now super eager to get home to my Internet connection for more digging. After the digging, I start calling and one of my calls, leads me to the very place. A Rosenwald School, right here in my town. Camera in hand, off we go. I could feel the history of the ground, as I stood there, soaking in all that GOD had done in one day. An education of a life time by 2pm. HE set before me an open door, that no man could shut. An open doorway to a path of a life filled overflowing by the journey of an opening  without a door. That no man can shut, even with all of our trash. Do you get it? Jesus loves you in spite of your trash. Amen.
This photograph will be available soon for purchase as a metallic fine art print.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Men's Day ... Web 2.0

Yes this is my weekly or monthly Men's day. My kids and I use to love to go to Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church on Sundays with my Dad and every November, they set aside a day just for the men. Sometimes all the men get together and come up with the same snappy suite to wear and sometimes they just ad an apron or two so they can cook up some pancakes for the congregation. Now, that's men stepping up their game and sometime ladies, we need to take a hard look at our game. Last night I listened to Ryan Deiss talk Perpetual Traffic, I didn't even know what Perpetual traffic was. Well it seams that Google has set up some checks and balances to weed out spamers, when it come to AdWords and AdSense. Overall Ryan stresses how important it is for  a blog or blogs to generate more human traffic. Next up is Darren of course, this guy is such a straight shooter and he spares no words to get us to understand things like CRITICAL steps for blogging success. I love to listen to Clay and Dave on their B&M show, there is always something of value in the mist of these two guys, and it's also kinda like a twofer. Dave is still an absolute giver, but you never know when this might change, cause this man if floating his own boat. Finally, this week Jeff Johnson of Non-Stop Traffic Formula is my pick for the generosity award.

Traffic is important, a little SEO knowledge carries yet another high price tag. Why you say? Cause you don't want all the buying traffic, just surfing by your shop. Do you ever sneak a peek of the men of WEB 2.0?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The New Blue

In love with gray/blue or blue/grey, that's really all I have to say. Wow, that's so poetic. The blue/grey ribbon will soon become my ornament for one of my Face book FlyN friends or no, that is not right, I need to make eleven, not one and do I want any for myself, yes I sure do. Well now, I guess it's back to the Hobby Lobby for me.

Oh, just to let you know
on Friday Afternoons, by 3PM CDT time,
you'll find some not so pretty web news,
right here ... mark your calendars.
Let me know in the comments, just how are you gonna step up your game?

Sonya La
Daughter of the KING

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A shift in the current

 There is a shift in the seasons here in the United States. Families are preparing for the holiday season, in addition to stockpiling supplies for the winter of twenty-eleven. Folks are stacking wood and gathering kindling. TVA is cutting down trees in our neighborhoods to ensure the sustainability of the grid. Although many of us wish we had the courage to live off the grid. This may be our longest winter yet. The squirrels in around here have been gathering berries in groups of two, since early July. Over the past few weeks, I've buried my head in a book or two and hope to read more in the coming weeks. There is a new Renaissance Rising in art inspired by the Holy Spirit, J Scott McelRoy has written Finding Divine Inspiration to aid the artist of faith on this journey. I simply can not wait to get my hands on this book. I sent Mr. McelRoy an e-mail about Inspired Studios Magazine. He and his team will be in Nashville soon. 
The current is shifting and dreams are coming true, a few years ago, I dreamed of participating in CPS, Virtual Studio Tour and last week that dream came true. Such a little thing, but a really huge thing, when you don't even have a studio. The shift is pretty fast and steady and with this kind of speed our guard goes up and our confidence has a begins to escape us. After completing Kelly's and Holly classes, I decided it was very necessary for me to take some type of recovery Art Class and in steps Tam with a FREE, Art & Heart E-Class. The walls of our local judicial system have become all too familiar to me this year, but I am more hopeful of true freedom now more then ever as my day in court is later this month. Our television gets very little play time as my children are outside tyring to soak up the remaining rays of sunshine left in this year. Yet another shift.Is the current of life shifting for you in the direction of your dreams?

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Art of perfect timing

The gals over at Spring Inspiration ask so many questions, their minds are always a wondering about something. And, with that kind of audacity , I'm happy to give em some answers. This month, their focus is on creativity and today their question is not as easy to answers as one might think. Here's the question: Have you ever been surprised by your creativity? My answer to this question is a quick, in your face NO. I have never, not for one day been surprised by my creativity. Why you say? Because I come from a long line of creative peeps. Although my Granddad was a share cropper, he was the only share cropper renting a house (in the early thirties) he purchased. My extended family still lives in this house today! Now, that's creativity, wouldn't you say. 

When ever I or someone else questions my creativity, I look back at my roots, at where I really came from, not just where I was born. I can still hear the snap of the green beans, my Granddaddy grew, that my Grandmother cook all day on Saturday for a Sunday feast. 

I will say, although I am not surprised by my creativity in general, I have been surprised by the timing of creativity and how often our visions, ideas and plans are way ahead of their time. I believe this is a positive side affect of creativity. So, create  develop, fall completely into what seams to others as crazy plans and schemes, cause one day YOU Will pull em out of the old portfolio or flat file and someone will just stand their in utter amazement at your O so perfect timing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Biz Notes from Santa ...

7 creative ways 2 make the everyday extraordinary

It's week 2 of Creativity over at  Spring and since I'm in love with all the seasons, I've decided with prompting from Pat Langley (from last weeks post) to Spring into action with em. The prompt for this week is How can you use creativity in your every day, “mundane” life? With that said let's get some definitions out of the way.

creativity - refers to the phenomenon
whereby something new is created which has some kind of value.
mundane - ordinary : commonplace
extraordinary - beyond what is ordinary or usual

7 creative ways 2 make the everyday extraordinary

1. Twist it up - create a natural twist with vines, pines &   more
2. Collect lights - add the extraordinary to the everyday with mini lights
3. Surprise em - Keep a cheap $5 white Christmas tree (oh-hand)
   to add an element of surprise to any occasion
4. Metal it up - add metallic spray paint to it
5. Keep it Blank - save blank notebooks/clip boards
   as impromptu creative coffee time gifts
6. Mix it up - create special ipod shuffles for travel, work, relax, & fun
7. Wrap it up - the mail, for that special someone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Art of domestic violence

A special kind of artist, creating what is not there, creating what was never there and this performance artist is the star of the drama, each and every act. Their ego will never let em act in a supporting role, for they must always be the star. A star in the local theater, a star in one of our nations parks, a star off the stage and a star on the stage. This their only desire, supersedes anything and everything else they do.

My first job, brought this attractive performer, into my life, some thirty years ago.  Gifted with a musical ear, this Charley Pride wanna be, competed with the likes of Randy Travis, while waiting on Country Music's finest  in four star restaurants in Music City. It's a familiar story: The guitar toting music loving guy & the girl with her boots and camera.

I retraced our history yesterday in our local domestic violence office.  And yet, I still don't feel free. Through out the years, I've moved, more than once to put miles between this abuser and myself, moving has only been a mere band aid that falls ... just as if it were on a skin knee. Our story is now on public record, for any eye to see. The short version of this abuser and me. 

This type of performer has natural artistic ability and as an artist, I was drawn to that. This performance artist has the ability to set a stage with lighting, props, costumes plus music while you 're busy painting an early mourning canvas. A natural stalker, like a patient cat. Stalking, waiting, planning, plotting ... their most violent attack.  You will not even see it, until it's too late, your in too deep ... you're mourning a loss, you're in the mist of intense grief ... this is sometimes when the violence is presented like a sweet smelling flower ... from out of no where, as if sent by GOD. It's only later you find out, they never left you, they been watching from afar, waiting for the most perfect moment to strike with bitter resentment presented like cubes of the whitest sugar in bone china.

On Thursday, when asked to leave my property by a local lone female police officer, the chess player still needed to be the star, I could see his ego puff like a balloon being blow up for an impromptu party. The violent rage he had planned, plotted and secretly held close for me ... he mistakenly released on her, who became them in a matter of seconds. He gave em a free show as I stood there, waiting and watching for em to take him away like the most patient cat. After thirty years ... many rings... a son,  multiple moves, multiple convictions, I am now so very close to being finally free.

As I write this, with each word, I'm gaining strength. I'm sitting here, Thanking God for each and ever person in my life, that has helped bring me to this today, those who've encourage me, those who've discourage me ... I Thank YOU all ... for today I'm drawing on your voice, your words in my head to keep me sane ... 4 I WILL fear NO evil for THOU art with ME and YOU.
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