Monday, February 28, 2011

MOM, she just ate your book: One thousand Gifts

MOM, she just ate your book, you left it on the coffee table and she ate it.
you mean the one I just got
you mean the one I'm behind on
you mean the one I'm reading with the online book club
you mean the one I tried to buy locally to support our local book stores
you mean the one I'm on chapter 5 on ... while every one else is on chapter 7
you mean the one I've been thinking about since November
you mean the one me and a neighbor connected on
you mean the one I removed the cover from ... cause I love covers
you mean the one which still has all the pages intact and I can still read

you mean the one which prompts the beginning of my list of one thousand gifts ...

0001 ... a book nibbled on by a pooch but not destroyed

two down, ten to go

covers to a few of my reads ... I love covers ... after I've read the book!
this is what I'm doing or have done in the past two months ... a quick review... if you will. I'm all in ... no retreats ... no regrets ... this is one crazy ... redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ ... daughter of the king!

I have sinned
I have fallen short

It's 8:10 on Saturday the 26th of Feb, Saturday. It's Praise time ... I'm hanging out in blogspher with a cup of Joe ... getting my praise on for you! By the time this post is completed it will be night time. Some Laundry will be done and some laundry will not be done. The Creative Biz Marathon helped me get real comfy with the blogger scheduler ... so this post will appear on Monday, the last day of my birthday month.

now that we got that out of the way, lets move on ... with my list of ... firsts

what I plan on doing soon ... (planning to leave some room for HIM 2 show up & show out)
  1. rightbrainers summit
  2. blog hop with Stephey
  3. big stitched post card with Beth
  4. Words of me project
  5. writeN  shootN designN paintN sewN
  6. design & publish new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  7. continue to blog daily
  8. I would really like a spot in Tara's Class
what I have done this year ... (a bit of the list)
  1. wrote one of my sheroes in regards to the new Issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  2. wrote a local artist in regards to the new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  3. signed on with a self publisher to publish Blogging Revelations
  4. hired a web designer/programmer to design
  5. started a local art class
  6. designed some creative classes
  7. started a local meet-up group which now has 10 members
  8. sent out 3 press released in regards to Studios Magazine feature
  9. participated in the Creative Biz Marathon
  10. created a Creative Biz Journal with my biz friends
  11. created 3 videos for my YouTube channel
  12. reading Creative girl with Robin
  13. on Chapter five of One Thousand gifts
  14. Hung a shower rod in the bathroom ... used a drill for this
  15. went to court 4 times
  16. celebrated my birthday!
  17. made a decision to invest in this business of mine
  18. blogged daily ... sometime twice a day
  19. Oh ... I also bought a few domain in leu of super good coffee
  20. less facebook 
   a bit of the list ... there is so much more ... but WHO wants to know about our pooch :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

what are yoU waiting 4?

often the hardest part of the work is the waiting ... for glue to dry ... waiting for paint to dry... waiting for the oven to preheat ... waiting for the bread to bake ... waiting to deliver ... waiting to hear back ... waiting for that call ... waiting for spring ... waiting for the seed to bud ... waiting for the flower to bloom ... waiting for the UPS man ... waiting for the mail man ... waiting in line ... waiting for the water to boil ... waiting for the train ... waiting for that plane ... waiting for concrete to set ...

what are you waiting for? what do you do with yourself to get through the waiting?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a HEARTsie from Valerie Weller

Wow, what a day ... WOW, what a week ... another day, another peek ... into the power of our judicial system. One moment I'm on my knees in brand new khakis praying on the floor of a public women's room and the next I'm in a three way power praise hug. Can you imagine ... zero two a thousand ... all in one day. Praise HIM!

Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: 
I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. Psalm 23:6 (KJ V)

On Wednesday I went to the mail box and discovered this fabulous heart ornament designed and created by the most talented Valerie Weller of Twig2Nest Studio. In
awe of her am I! Thank YoU Valerie. So,here you have it a play by play or is it a 
pic by pic of this opening event!

hand addressed !
a hand written note
such ... a thoughtful package ... twiggy LOVE
more awesomeness ...
then the love is reveled ...
then the love ... lands on the ever present studio Christmas Tree!

Thank yoU Valerie

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sneak Peek Friday: My Creative Biz Journal

Linking up with Jennifer today ... Studio JRU ... Sneak Peek Friday

I just downloaded my Right-Brain Business Plan Goddies ...  after registering for The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit (it's FREE)  and Lisa is in the line-up of creative  entrepreneurs shareN secrets! There's so many! The summit is February 28th - March 11th and Jennifer Lee has even created a day by day schedule for us. So, grab your  book today! ... oh it's  ... The Right-Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee.

The goodies from  Jennifer include some awesome PDF's and spreadsheets. Since I already had my spreadsheet ready, I just moved my BIG numbers from my sheet to hers. A bit of a head start, would you not say! Yay, it feels like it's still my birthday!

The photos in this post are of the last page of my Creative Biz journal (the GAME board)  ... which folds out to revel all the steps of my game for this new year. inspired by Lisa and her book ... The Creative Entrepreneur . Listen to this podcast with Lisa and Jamie.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reading with Robin: Creative Girl - Chapter 5 & 6

Ah, reading two chapters at a time is most difficult for me. Plowing through a book is more my style ... but since I'm reading so much these days ... two chapters at a time is just divine. I wanted to give chapters 5 & 6 some serious thought and attention. But I just couldn't for my heart wasn't in it. Chapter 5 is evaluation of your current job situation and Chapter 6 is about job make-over strategies. 

Well, I'm so far gone in both of these areas ... for me There's no TURNING BACK. I've risk everything I owned and own for this creative life, that I simply have no reserves, no retreat. 

My daughter (14) starts High School in the Fall and she is an SLD student(severely learning disable) with a multi word barrier ... that means we worked on words like SUN & SON for more than two years. Before she understood the difference. Now that, I've been with her for almost 3 years (July)... there is no way I can return to work NOW ... the thought of HIGH SCHOOL is super scary for for her. 

That's where I'm at ... ready to do what it takes ... to make this work ... because outside of the lack of income ... this is My Creative Life & I love it. 

The other day, I found a Dream Journal ... I worked on ... while we were in Kelly Rae's class and it reads ...

It's Oct-Fall ... I can smell the leaves in the studio. It's so much more than full time. I am working on publishing my first book, after sells of my self-published title ... went out the roof. L & E are really happy at school this year  ... they too have embraced changed and are relishing in the transition of it all. Scottie and I are planning a Winter Wedding ...

Last night on a FREE group coaching call ... Christine Kane shared her six powers of INtention and they are elimination - attention - integration - decisions and action. 

So today I leveraged my power of Intention with some attention, integrated action of one decision to determine the outcome of our future...

manly notes

Published the last Thursday of every month ... some man-ly blog Art & design News

So, I found a new creative man to add to my list and none other than Beth Nicholls ... hooked me up. Kevin Carrol is part of the line-up for her Do What You Love e-course . You really must check him out. I've also rediscover my love for Ty ... now that, he's the cover guy for the Spring Issue of Studios Magazine. Then ... there's Mark McGuinness and  tyrantChris & ChrisLeoDarren, the manlamarmark and steven and michael. So who did I leave off the man-ley list  ... let me know in the comments and I'll follow them too.

what will become of this?

an after Valentine's haul ... from my local grocer ... the hearts have been hammered off and the pretty little wood happy hearts ... have been sanded away ... by none other than the little Muffin Man. I will be back tomorrow with my Twig2Nest HEARTsie ... and Reading with Robin later today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cooking with granny smith apples

Let's not talk about me in the kitchen cause, I'm the worst. So close to fifty and my cooking is so creative, it all turns out to be from the same color family ... burnt. There is just something about standing over a hot oven for more than five seconds, that just does not work for me. I bought some Granny Smith Apples to try my hand at a new dish or two. I'll let you know, the results of my creative cooking experiments.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: breathe

. . . see without looking
. . . hear without listening 
. . . breathe without asking.” 
-W. H. Auden

Today, I'm joining the Weekly Challenge over at Inspiration Avenue and you can join in as well, if you like. The word for the week is BREATHE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

the moment yoU had a great idea

so, it's Presidents Day
and we're off cleaning the HOUSE 
... but I'm thinking of you and 
I created a bit of an Inspirational Video
 just for you ... Check it OUT
Find the link HERE or
copy & paste this
in your browser

Love is a VERB ... sonyala

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the power of releasing big dreams ... evidence

I don't know if you know it or not, but I took Kelly Rae Roberts first ever e-course And, I would take it again, even though I bought The Whole Shabang e-book. It was just that awesome.

Anyway this artist Momma is on her way to the Windy City to see her Hero ... Oprah! You can find out how the generosity of a blog reader played into her journey on her blog.

Well ... Petra created a FACE BOOK post to encourage us
(FB FlyN Friends) all to write to Oprah in regards to
How KOOL Kelly is(an e-mail campaign).

Many of us did & if you would like to ... please do so NOW. 

This e-mail campaign caught the attention of Liv 
(our FB community creator) who just so happen to know 
someone who works ... YOU KNOW WHERE ... HARPO

And now this creative Momma is more surprised than ever! 
I'm not sure if I can share that info here yet ...
but if your a Fly Friend you just might check in to our
FB community to see what's up with the KRR & Oprah

Any way ... again ... all this got me to thinking HOW releasing 
this but dream out into the universe was a BIG step for Kelly
and one we can learn from!

Yesterday ... I wrote this on FB

Let us all be brave with our dreams like this creative leader Kelly Rae Roberts ... in a First Class FlyN Friends & More Dreams & Dream Boards Blog HOP

 I love the evidence of what shareN your Dreams ... OUT in the big Wide Open
has done for Kelly ... from the blog reader who sent her the tickets to her to us! 

What BIGGER than life dream do you have to share? 

This is mine ... Que the DRUM ROLL ...

I've been secretly dreaming for 5 years 
for Ty Pennington (Cover Guy) to FIX my broken house 
so I can focus on the work of shareN stories on the web & in print

You should have seen my face ... when I found out HE (MY Hero)
was on the cover of the Issue my little studio is in!

Won't you join me in a BIG DREAMING BLOG HOP ... more info to follow

Saturday, February 19, 2011

wondering words from the MIDDLE

Below you will find a list of thoughts from a Mother ...
Mothering in the Middle ... from the Middle

although the word middle implies balance ... there is none ...
Mothering in the Middle ... from the Middle

no longer at the begining & knowing for sure it will never end ...
Mothering in the Middle ... from the Middle

no more baby keys ... yet talks of car keys ...
Mothering in the Middle ... from the Middle

jr high school is archatic ... but what's a mini school ...
Mothering in the Middle ... from the Middle

in the middle of life ... in the middle of Motherhood

blessings in the Middle for the middle ...

A bit of fun with YouTube

Create your own Google search story and have a great weekend! I'll be back later today with some wondering words. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

that which is held down by the glue

And the glue is the WORD. It's Friday already, can you believe it? It's sneak peek Friday with Jennifer at Studio JRU.

This week in the studio, I've started my first series of mixed media works ...

a series of five works ... based on the WORD of course.

The last quarter of last year ... I felt as if I had enrolled in some kind of school or something ... I was drawn to books like Finding Divine Inspiration & The Creative Call, and I just ordered Walking on Water and I can't wait to get in it. I think I would love to read all Madeleine L'Engle has written

Living Worship

Thursday, February 17, 2011

some sweet treats

I didn't have cake for my birthday, last week ... but I did eat a little too much  candy this week. Tell me what are your fave Jelly Belly Beans ... cause I'm getting ready for Easter Early. 

01. Very Cherry
02. Green Apple
03. Coconut
04. Sunkist Lemon
05. Pomegranate
06. Bubble Gum
07. A&W Root Beer
08. Strawberry Cheesecake
09. Blueberry
10. Buttered Popcorn
11. Pina Colada
12. Juicy Pear
13. Peach
14. Sizzling Cinnamon
15. Dr Pepper
16. Watermelon
17. Sunkist Tangerine
18. Licorice
19. Toasted Marshmallow
20. Cotton Candy

Tell me your fave. by number in the comments ... this way I can save some to share. :)

Oh, I'll be back next week with a Reading with Robin post ...

In addition to reading Creative Girl, with Robin ... I'm also reading Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artist by Ann Baldwin and Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey. They are both really, really good books to read and to retain for my collection. I need to order a copy of One Thousand Gifts online as I have joined the Bloom Book Club (still waiting for it to show up locally).  

What's your magic number? Pick one 1 - 20 or pick a color

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sewing sweats

I have two sewing design projects on the boards. One I've been working on the mock up for some time now and the other began to haunt me this morning at two AM. The one I've been working on for a while now involves the use of Insul-Bright and the other involves the use of recycled sweats shirts.

I've given up on my local fabric shops as a source of Insul-Brite and will just order it on line. For some reason, I'm in love with the stuff. And, these days it's everywhere you turn. I love the lunch bags and lunch purses.

Oh, and here's a cup cozy made with the stuff. Got any ideas for Insul-Brite NOW?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

one dreamy shot

from today's photo shoot ... reminds me of the sea ...

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." John F. Kennedy 

at the end of the first forty five days of this new year ...

Here we are at the end of the first forty five days of the new year ... but yet at the beginning of the next three hundred and twenty days. Where do we go from here? What are you doing different ... then before.

What I've done different so far is ...

Hired a web designer
Making good use of public transportation
Created a visual biz plan (ongoing)
Calculated profit & loss projections
Started a local regional meet-up Art group
Designed some art classes
participated in creative biz marathon
blogging every day
created & posted my first videos
submitted my first pay pal invoice
created an advertising plan for one of my blogs
Checked out books for my children at their school library
boarded my children's school bus
made my first pancakes

and so much more ... what about you? What have you done new & different this year?

Monday, February 14, 2011

pat, more than once ... Love is a verb

sometimes she just dosen't have the courage to do it by herself
and she needs just a little prompting from me.
So I say to her ... real gently but with confidence ...
come on Eddie. You can do it.

she looks at me with her tail just a wagging
big ole brown/orange eyes still questioning
then i move my hand to the leather of the couch
and pat, more than once

I say to her ... real gently but with confidence ...
come on Eddie. You can do it.

then she looks at me again with those
big ole brown/orange eyes and she JUMPS into flight

as she settles herself into her new comfortable landing position
on the leather couch
she looks back at me
... with those
big ole brown/orange eyes
for a moment of 

A Valentine's Guest Blogging Post: It's personal by Robin Norgren

Blogging Revelations: It's personal by Robin Norgren

Blogging began as a place for me to journal my life while my hubby was stationed in Kuwait back in 2008.  I wanted a way for him to peek into what I was thinking and help to foster some connection between us to ease the loneliness.  What began as simply a means to stay connected turned into a space that I began to grow and challenge my identity. 

This time frame in 2008 has turned out to be an incredibly significant season.  As I began to journal online, I started to reconnect with my love for writing.  Working full time, raising kids and managing a home had squeezed the creative life out of me.  With this new twists of events, where I was suddenly a stay at home mom of a toddler, financially strapped and alone for long periods of time, I was FORCED to look at things about myself that I let fall by the wayside.

So in 2009, when I opened an etsy shop, moving into another extension of my creative meanderings, I naturally gravitated to the idea of blogging about my experiences as a full time mama and creative entrepreneur.  And again I find that because I am tracking the highs and lows of that experience, I am more in tune with when I need to make adjustments as well when to stop and celebrate successes.

Blogging feels to me like a natural extension of how I do life.  I want to make sure I am present in the things I am attempting to do in life.  Blogging allows me to be held accountable to that desire.

Find me ... on twitter

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a feast alright

It's some mixed media love sprinkled with a bit of this and a bit of that from the cupboard and from the line up of contributing artist. I had to make some quick selections, the other day, while shopping with my sister. The blue color of this cover JUST yelled the word new ... I'm new ... pick me ... pick me. So I did and what a joy this book is. From cover to cover ... a true journal of inspiration from the kitchen table to the art table. This book  has got you covered.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's still WINTER

the calendar reads Saturday February 12, 2011
the ground is frozen
it's cold outside

we're still creating smoke when we exhale outside
the heat is on
fires are burning

cause it's still WINTER ... until spring


a bit of an editorial calendar for next week

Sunday -------  Book Review  ... Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw
Monday ------  a valentine's Blogging Revelations Guest Post with Robin
Tuesday -----   What's up sonyamacdesigns .... photo shoot
Wednesday --  What's up sonyamacdesigns ... a sewing project
Thursday ----  Reading with Robin (Creative Girl)
Friday -------  Jen Jam ... studio sneak peek
Saturday ---- What's Up .. wondering words  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clean Slate

Today is in the studio sneak peek Friday with Jennifer & my studio is COLD .... but after all  it is winter. 

I heard about clean slate last summer while surfing the web and I am sharing this awesome mission with you from my less than warm studio. I been telling peeps about this awesome mission for months now. This is a mission that can be started anywhere. And, this is a mission started by a GOD fearing woman. The help.

A cast Iron tub still sits on my front porch and I must pause to wonder why. Is this a message from my FATHER as how strong my faith in HIM should be. Is it a point of armor? What? I wonder. But I will not wonder while I wait cause my promise is in HIM. Jesus

Am I Martha or Mary in the book of John as it pertains to Lazarus. What about you? Are you a Martha ... running to Jesus ... after you called HIM. Then speaking the words of disbelief or are you a Mary sitting and waiting for Jesus to call ... when he arrives, not if he arrives but WHEN.

Be sure and check out the other studio links right HERE

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank You 4 my Birthday Wishes

be gentle, it's my birthday after all. 

Love is a VERB ... Sonya La

Creative Girl: makes some creative adjustments

I'm reading this book with Robin and some other blog friends. And, I find it more than a wee bit ironic, that on the day I finally branch out and begin the process of paying for some help. This chapter validates my decision on not being able to do it all. There I said it. I am only one person and I cannot do it all. It's time to delegate. It's past time to build some business relationships around the more than scary dollar. 

So, In chapter four of  Creative Girl, Katharine Sise prompts her readers to assess their talents and that is just what I've been doing. What I discovered is I'm an awesome publication designer and an OK Web designer. One of my strong suites as far as graphic design is concerned is in publication design. I'm a whiz with Quark and most Adobe products but I'm just OK with HTML. So, I did it! I hire me some word press help. I hired me some programming help! No, I can't afford it. But, I can't afford not to either. I am so excited! Now I can focus on the publications & crafts, I been jonesN to create. What about you? What could you let go? What could you hire out?  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten from Tenn for the tenth ... my birthday

since it's my birthday and all, I thought I would let you in on the inside scoop. Leslie picked me up today for our annual birthday lunch. She's letting me pick the spot, my favorite spot ... that is for lunch. Maple Street Grill has the best chicken salad with strawberries & feta cheese & desert I will be consuming. 

ear bobs from

I miss sharing my birthday with my sweet momma. Evey year she would bake the most awesome cake on my birthday. And, when it was time to celebrate the moment, she would create a ceremony of cutting the cake in half, in reverence to our Mother/Daughter bond. The other half of the cake was set aside. For the very next day. my Mother's birthday.

In honor of my Mother, I will soon begin, a new journey. And this journey brings be back to the point of this post. Me shopping for my birthday. First the stuff, I plan to buy.

01. Crazy, sexy diet by Kris Carr
02. The Aquarian Twins podcast
03. HEARTsie ornament: L O V E
04. Some more tea & some new boots
05. Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine Spring 2011

backpack by
What I want, but still a bit on the fence about my budget
07. Do What you love retreat

magazine by 
Some stuff I already bought myself for my Birthday

08. A new back pack (my daughter wants this)
09. Some new ear bobs
10. Some new ART

Art by

Show me some 210 birthday love in the comments ...
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